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     Hello everyone, recently I discovered my partner ( the one on the left) identifies as  ftm. Naturally I wanted to help aid him in his transition. I soon came up with the idea to create a transition box filled with mens essentials ( mens clothes ect.) and other ftm essentials (binders, packers). Both he and I are unemployed so money has been very tight making these items even harder to get.  I know recently he has been facing a lot of anxiety/ dysphoria and this is very emotionally stressful for him, you’d be helping to make him feel a bit more comfortable with himself as he transitions. Our anniversary is coming up and I really want to be able to provide him with some essentials so that he may feel more comfortable as he moves forward.We are asking for a small donation or whatever you guys can donate to this fund, we appreciate every cent that you guys give. Thank you. 

    You can donate here:

    If you’d like as a little donation thank you, you can message me and I will draw you something. UwU thank you.

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    You're very good looking :) Are you single?

    Why thank you! And yes I am. But there’s a special lady who’s caught my eye.

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    This is Paul. 

    Jérémy Barniaud is a photographer based in Paris whose work took my breath away for several reasons. His work is both dreamy and refreshing. . (see more)

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    Dedicated to the Cultural Preservation of the African Aesthetic

    this makes me equally happy and sad

    Oh my god I love his hair. But I feel like I’d cut it before I could get to that point.

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    Omg I can’t wait for this episode

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    Do y’all understand the importance here?

    Very important!

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  • Kyrie Irving x Derrick Rose;

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